New Paper Art

This year-long project ended in November 2013, but you can see more new paper art at and

Hummingbird Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-November-28

cut paper design Hummingbird Circle

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Elaborate Rosette ~

pic of the day 2013-November-27

cut paper design Elaborate Rosette

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Fancy Round Floral ~

pic of the day 2013-November-26

cut paper design Fancy Round Floral

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Bell Flower Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-25

cut paper design Bell Flower Stencil

bell flower stencil
Simulated border layout.

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Ducks in a Row Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-24

cut paper design Ducks in a Row Stencil

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Field Flowers ~

pic of the day 2013-November-23

cut paper design Field Flowers

border layoutSimulated border layout.

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Bamboo Border ~

pic of the day 2013-November-22

cut paper design Bamboo Border

border layoutSimulated border layout.

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Seedling Stencil Border ~

pic of the day 2013-November-21

cut paper design Seedling Stencil Border

border layoutSimulated border layout.

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Flower Border Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-20

cut paper design Flower Border Stencil

flower border stencil
Simulated border layout.

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Daylily Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-19

cut paper design Daylily Stencil

Simulated border layout.

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Bok Choy Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-18

cut paper design Bok Choy Stencil

I placed black paper behind so the image wouldn't be a "negative".

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Art Nouveau Tulip Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-17

cut paper design Art Nouveau Tulip Stencil

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Leafy Circle Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-16

cut paper design Leafy Circle Stencil

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Daisy Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-15

cut paper design Daisy Stencil

border example
Simulated border layout.

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Vine Line ~

pic of the day 2013-November-14

cut paper design Vine Line

This could be a nice divider in a page of text.

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Big Horse ~

pic of the day 2013-November-13

cut paper design Big Horse

permalink: Big Horse   category:

Two Leaves ~

pic of the day 2013-November-12

cut paper design Two Leaves

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Spiral Heart ~

pic of the day 2013-November-11

cut paper design Spiral Heart

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Money Tree ~

pic of the day 2013-November-10

cut paper design Money Tree

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Curly Border Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-09

cut paper design Curly Border Stencil

Digitally duplicated border.

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Plantain Leaf Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-08

cut paper design Plantain Leaf Stencil

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Rose Stencil ~

pic of the day 2013-November-07

cut paper design Rose Stencil

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Cube with Spearmint Design ~

pic of the day 2013-November-06

cut paper design Cube with Spearmint Design

tiny folding screen 2

Red paper. Cut in one piece and assembled with tabs and slots (no glue). The assembly was a little challenging and the paper got bent in a few spots!

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Tiny Folding Screen ~

pic of the day 2013-November-05

cut paper design Tiny Folding Screen

tiny folding screen 2

Cut red paper. I glued black on the back for contrast and stability. It's a little too floppy on the outer edges; if I cut one like this again I will leave extra paper to fold on the left and right edges to give more strength to the edge and legs.

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Box Shape with Leaves ~

pic of the day 2013-November-04

cut paper design Box Shape with Leaves

Cut flat, glued seam.

box shape layout

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Holly Tetrahedron ~

pic of the day 2013-November-03

cut paper design Holly Tetrahedron

Cut in one piece, with glued seams.

plan for cutout

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Leaf Craft ~

pic of the day 2013-November-02

cut paper design Leaf Craft

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Hourglass Hearts ~

pic of the day 2013-November-01

cut paper design Hourglass Hearts

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