Five-Fold Hosta Star ~

pic of the day 2013-October-31

cut paper design Five-Fold Hosta Star

permalink: Five-Fold Hosta Star   category:

Branch in Water ~

pic of the day 2013-October-30

cut paper design Branch in Water

permalink: Branch in Water   category:

Ti Plant ~

pic of the day 2013-October-29

cut paper design Ti Plant

permalink: Ti Plant   category:

Bromeliad ~

pic of the day 2013-October-28

cut paper design Bromeliad

permalink: Bromeliad   category:

Narcissus ~

pic of the day 2013-October-27

cut paper design Narcissus

permalink: Narcissus   category:

Pop Art Bottle ~

pic of the day 2013-October-26

cut paper design Pop Art Bottle

permalink: Pop Art Bottle   category:

Sprouting Sprig ~

pic of the day 2013-October-25

cut paper design Sprouting Sprig

permalink: Sprouting Sprig   category:

Leaf and Bud Hexagon ~

pic of the day 2013-October-24

cut paper design Leaf and Bud Hexagon

permalink: Leaf and Bud Hexagon   category:

Hosta Star ~

pic of the day 2013-October-23

cut paper design Hosta Star

permalink: Hosta Star   category:

Leaves and Pods ~

pic of the day 2013-October-22

cut paper design Leaves and Pods

permalink: Leaves and Pods   category:

Crabtree Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-October-21

cut paper design Crabtree Circle

permalink: Crabtree Circle   category:

Fine Fox ~

pic of the day 2013-October-20

cut paper design Fine Fox

permalink: Fine Fox   category:

Triple Vine ~

pic of the day 2013-October-19

cut paper design Triple Vine

permalink: Triple Vine   category:

Arrow Leaf Wreath ~

pic of the day 2013-October-18

cut paper design Arrow Leaf Wreath

permalink: Arrow Leaf Wreath   category:

Flower Lace ~

pic of the day 2013-October-17

cut paper design Flower Lace

permalink: Flower Lace   category:

Heart Leaves ~

pic of the day 2013-October-16

cut paper design Heart Leaves

permalink: Heart Leaves   category:

Leaf Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-October-15

cut paper design Leaf Circle

permalink: Leaf Circle   category:

Heart Array ~

pic of the day 2013-October-14

cut paper design Heart Array

permalink: Heart Array   category:

Loose Leaves 2 ~

pic of the day 2013-October-13

cut paper design Loose Leaves 2

permalink: Loose Leaves 2   category:

Loose Leaves 1 ~

pic of the day 2013-October-12

cut paper design Loose Leaves 1

permalink: Loose Leaves 1   category:

Tribal Frame ~

pic of the day 2013-October-11

cut paper design Tribal Frame

permalink: Tribal Frame   category:

Rectangle Frame ~

pic of the day 2013-October-10

cut paper design Rectangle Frame

permalink: Rectangle Frame   category:

Floral Compass ~

pic of the day 2013-October-09

cut paper design Floral Compass

permalink: Floral Compass   category:

Foliar Frame ~

pic of the day 2013-October-08

cut paper design Foliar Frame

permalink: Foliar Frame   category:

Oak Leaf Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-October-07

cut paper design Oak Leaf Circle

permalink: Oak Leaf Circle   category:

Flower Form ~

pic of the day 2013-October-06

cut paper design Flower Form

permalink: Flower Form   category:

Daisy Ring ~

pic of the day 2013-October-05

cut paper design Daisy Ring

permalink: Daisy Ring   category:

Daisy Wheel ~

pic of the day 2013-October-04

cut paper design Daisy Wheel

permalink: Daisy Wheel   category:

Eightfold Rosette ~

pic of the day 2013-October-03

cut paper design Eightfold Rosette

permalink: Eightfold Rosette   category:

Loose Flowers ~

pic of the day 2013-October-02

cut paper design Loose Flowers

permalink: Loose Flowers   category:

Strange Flower ~

pic of the day 2013-October-01

cut paper design Strange Flower

permalink: Strange Flower   category:

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