Leafy Branch ~

pic of the day 2013-May-31

cut paper design Leafy Branch

permalink: Leafy Branch   category:

Red Flower Circle 2 ~

pic of the day 2013-May-30

cut paper design Red Flower Circle 2

permalink: Red Flower Circle 2   category:

Flower Stem ~

pic of the day 2013-May-29

cut paper design Flower Stem

A nice companion for the Flower Branch.

permalink: Flower Stem   category:

Cornflower ~

pic of the day 2013-May-28

cut paper design Cornflower

permalink: Cornflower   category:

Red Flower Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-May-27

cut paper design Red Flower Circle

permalink: Red Flower Circle   category:

Spiral Square ~

pic of the day 2013-May-26

cut paper design Spiral Square

permalink: Spiral Square   category:

Paisley Motif ~

pic of the day 2013-May-25

cut paper design Paisley Motif

permalink: Paisley Motif   category:

Ferny Star ~

pic of the day 2013-May-24

cut paper design Ferny Star

permalink: Ferny Star   category:

Flower Branch ~

pic of the day 2013-May-23

cut paper design Flower Branch

permalink: Flower Branch   category:

Flower Leaf Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-May-22

cut paper design Flower Leaf Circle

permalink: Flower Leaf Circle   category:

Blossom Branch ~

pic of the day 2013-May-21

cut paper design Blossom Branch

permalink: Blossom Branch   category:

Tall Plant in Pot ~

pic of the day 2013-May-20

cut paper design Tall Plant in Pot

permalink: Tall Plant in Pot   category:

Branch with Oval Frame ~

pic of the day 2013-May-19

cut paper design Branch with Oval Frame

permalink: Branch with Oval Frame   category:

Monogram H ~

pic of the day 2013-May-18

cut paper design Monogram H

permalink: Monogram H   category:

Monogram G ~

pic of the day 2013-May-17

cut paper design Monogram G

permalink: Monogram G   category:

Can It Be Beet? ~

pic of the day 2013-May-16

cut paper design Can It Be Beet?

permalink: Can It Be Beet?   category:

Leafy Star ~

pic of the day 2013-May-15

cut paper design Leafy Star

permalink: Leafy Star   category:

Leafy Triangle ~

pic of the day 2013-May-14

cut paper design Leafy Triangle

permalink: Leafy Triangle   category:

Fancy Leaf with Spirals ~

pic of the day 2013-May-13

cut paper design Fancy Leaf with Spirals

This papercut has a bad cut or 2, but I liked it enough to use it.

permalink: Fancy Leaf with Spirals   category:

Multi-Leaf Earring Design ~

pic of the day 2013-May-12

cut paper design Multi-Leaf Earring Design

permalink: Multi-Leaf Earring Design   category:

Blossom ~

pic of the day 2013-May-11

cut paper design Blossom

permalink: Blossom   category:

Flame Design ~

pic of the day 2013-May-10

cut paper design Flame Design

permalink: Flame Design   category:

Curly Earring Design ~

pic of the day 2013-May-09

cut paper design Curly Earring Design

permalink: Curly Earring Design   category:

Leaf Spiral Earring Design ~

pic of the day 2013-May-08

cut paper design Leaf Spiral Earring Design

permalink: Leaf Spiral Earring Design   category:

Blossom Earring ~

pic of the day 2013-May-07

cut paper design Blossom Earring

permalink: Blossom Earring   category:

Rhododendron Buds ~

pic of the day 2013-May-06

cut paper design Rhododendron Buds

permalink: Rhododendron Buds   category:

Earring Design 2 ~

pic of the day 2013-May-05

cut paper design Earring Design 2

permalink: Earring Design 2   category:

Earring Design ~

pic of the day 2013-May-04

cut paper design Earring Design

permalink: Earring Design   category:

Marigold Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-May-03

cut paper design Marigold Circle

permalink: Marigold Circle   category:

Six Leaf Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-May-02

cut paper design Six Leaf Circle

permalink: Six Leaf Circle   category:

Nine Leaf Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-May-01

cut paper design Nine Leaf Circle

permalink: Nine Leaf Circle   category:

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