Blossom ~

pic of the day 2013-January-31

cut paper design Blossom

Paper cut design. A stylized flower blossom in a round frame. Red paper, 8.125 in diameter.

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Big Buds ~

pic of the day 2013-January-30

cut paper design Big Buds

Paper cutting, stalks of flower buds on an iris plant. Red paper, about 10 in. tall.

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Heart Vine in Vase ~

pic of the day 2013-January-29

cut paper design Heart Vine in Vase

Papercutting of a vine with heart shaped leaves in a vase with geometric designs. Blue paper, 9 in. tall.

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Kokoshnick Design ~

pic of the day 2013-January-28

cut paper design Kokoshnick Design

A paper cut pattern design for a kokoshnik style headress/hat. This was for a costume event my husband and I were attending. I did all the cuts with the paper folded, except for the veins in the center leaf. Red paper, about 10.75 in. wide.

Me modeling my kokoshnik-style hat

I used fusible webbing with a silvery fabric. Once the webbing was ironed on I cut the pattern out of the silver material, then fused it onto the hat part. Then I added the ties and veil.

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Cattail ~

pic of the day 2013-January-27

cut paper design Cattail

Papercut design, cattail rush with curly leaves and a small butterfly. Blue paper, about 7.25 in. diameter.

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Heraldic Dragon ~

pic of the day 2013-January-26

cut paper design Heraldic Dragon

Papercutting of a dragon. I cut this for a knight costume for my husband, and ended up using the basic design twice, once for the tunic and once for the shield.

black dragon motif on shield

The shield was made from foamcore board. The dragon was cut from black paper and mounted with clear self-adhesive vinyl.

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Mallard Duck ~

pic of the day 2013-January-25

cut paper design Mallard Duck

Paper cut art of a male mallard (well, mostly mallard?) duck. Blue paper, in. wide.

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Magic Hosta ~

pic of the day 2013-January-24

cut paper design Magic Hosta

Paper cut art of a fantastical hosta plant in bloom. Blue paper, 9 in. tall.

permalink: Magic Hosta   category: floral

Rose Bud Vase ~

pic of the day 2013-January-23

cut paper design Rose Bud Vase

Paper cut art of a rosebud in a small vase. Red paper, 7.375 in. tall.

permalink: Rose Bud Vase   category: floral

Travelling Rhino ~

pic of the day 2013-January-22

cut paper design Travelling Rhino

Paper cut art of a rhinoceros and companion taking a wlak together. Black paper, 8.5 in. wide.

permalink: Travelling Rhino   category: animals

Little Vine ~

pic of the day 2013-January-21

cut paper design Little Vine

Paper cut art of a little sprig or tendril of bindweed. Blue paper, about 8 in. wide.

permalink: Little Vine   category: floral

Butterfly on a Daisy ~

pic of the day 2013-January-20

cut paper design Butterfly on a Daisy

Paper cut art. A rather fanciful butterfly on a daisy flower. Blue paper, 8.25 in. diameter.

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Flowers in a pot ~

pic of the day 2013-January-19

cut paper design Flowers in a pot

Paper cut art. They look kind of like wildflowers, don't they? I think it may be coreopsis. Blue paper, 8.25. in. tall.

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Pair of Pears ~

pic of the day 2013-January-18

cut paper design Pair of Pears

permalink: Pair of Pears   category: floral

Curly Bird ~

pic of the day 2013-January-17

cut paper design Curly Bird

A very fancy bird with curly feathers. Blue paper, 7.875 in. diameter. (Actually should have been posted on the seventeenth as stated, but due it a typo - and not checking - it went live at midnight of the 18th!)

permalink: Curly Bird   category: birds

Bird in Tree ~

pic of the day 2013-January-16

cut paper design Bird in Tree

Another bird in a tree, a little fancier this time. Paper cut design. Black paper, 9 in wide.

permalink: Bird in Tree   category: bird, flora

Tree with Bird ~

pic of the day 2013-January-15

cut paper design Tree with Bird

Paper cut design. A path leads up to a tree with a bird hidden in it. Red paper, 7.5 in. tall.

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Swan on Water ~

pic of the day 2013-January-14

cut paper design Swan on Water

Paper cut design of a swan on water with lots of leaves. Black paper, 7.875 in. diameter.

permalink: Swan on Water   category: birds

Pinto Pony ~

pic of the day 2013-January-13

cut paper design Pinto Pony

A cute pinto paint horse. Red paper, 5 in. wide.

permalink: Pinto Pony   category: horses

Crane ~

pic of the day 2013-January-12

cut paper design Crane

I had the good fortune to observe and photograph a pair of cranes hanging out at a local strip mall! Black paper, with a bit of red paper attached at the back, about 8.25 in. tall.

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Leaves and Berries ~

pic of the day 2013-January-11

cut paper design Leaves and Berries

A branch of leaves with little bunches of berries. Red paper, about 7 in. wide.

permalink: Leaves and Berries   category: floral

Sea Gull ~

pic of the day 2013-January-10

cut paper design Sea Gull

Paper cutting of a seagull. Black paper, about 5.25 in. tall.

permalink: Sea Gull   category: birds

Floral Fancy ~

pic of the day 2013-January-09

cut paper design Floral Fancy

Floral paper cut design. Red paper,9 in. tall.

permalink: Floral Fancy   category: floral

Snow Bird ~

pic of the day 2013-January-08

cut paper design Snow Bird

Paper cutting of a junco (snow bird) in winter. Black paper, 7.375 in. tall.

permalink: Snow Bird   category: birds

Pineapple Bird ~

pic of the day 2013-January-07

cut paper design Pineapple Bird

Papercutting of a pineapple with a little bird standing guard. Black paper, 10.5 in. tall.

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Two Swans ~

pic of the day 2013-January-06

cut paper design Two Swans

Papercutting of two affectionate swans floating on water. Black paper, about 10.75 in. wide.

permalink: Two Swans   category: birds

Honeysuckle ~

pic of the day 2013-January-05

cut paper design Honeysuckle

Paper cutting of a tender honeysuckle branch in a nest of other leaves. Black paper, 11 in. wide.

permalink: Honeysuckle   category: floral

Flower ~

pic of the day 2013-January-04

cut paper design Flower

Paper cutting of a single flower. Black paper, about 10.75 in. tall.

permalink: Flower   category: floral

Lily of the Valley ~

pic of the day 2013-January-03

cut paper design Lily of the Valley

Paper cutting of a lily of the valley in bloom. Black paper, 8.25 in. tall.

permalink: Lily of the Valley   category: floral

Marigold ~

pic of the day 2013-January-02

cut paper design Marigold

Paper cutting of a marigold flower in a round frame. Red paper, about 7 in diameter.

permalink: Marigold   category: floral

Black Swan ~

pic of the day 2013-January-01

cut paper design Black Swan

Paper cutting of a black swan on a nest in a cloudy landscape. Black paper, about 10.5 in. tall.

permalink: Black Swan   category: birds

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