Flower Pendant Design ~

pic of the day 2013-April-30

cut paper design Flower Pendant Design

flower pendant design

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Leafy Oval Pendant ~

pic of the day 2013-April-29

cut paper design Leafy Oval Pendant

Paper cut of a jewelry design I did this morning. This design is the reverse of the image below.

leafy pendant brooch

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Star Branch ~

pic of the day 2013-April-28

cut paper design Star Branch

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Pendant Design ~

pic of the day 2013-April-27

cut paper design Pendant Design

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Red Leaf Circle ~

pic of the day 2013-April-26

cut paper design Red Leaf Circle

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Curly Star ~

pic of the day 2013-April-25

cut paper design Curly Star

permalink: Curly Star   category:

Iris Pot ~

pic of the day 2013-April-24

cut paper design Iris Pot

permalink: Iris Pot   category:

Leaf Circle Border ~

pic of the day 2013-April-23

cut paper design Leaf Circle Border

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Tulip Circle and Star ~

pic of the day 2013-April-22

cut paper design Tulip Circle and Star

tulip star

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Poison Ivy ~

pic of the day 2013-April-21

cut paper design Poison Ivy

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Freesia Star ~

pic of the day 2013-April-20

cut paper design Freesia Star

permalink: Freesia Star   category:

Love ~

pic of the day 2013-April-19

cut paper design Love

I forgot to put the author's name in when I did this cut, so I made it a separate piece at the bottom.

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Orchid ~

pic of the day 2013-April-18

cut paper design Orchid

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Peace Lily ~

pic of the day 2013-April-17

cut paper design Peace Lily

permalink: Peace Lily   category:

Daisy in a Vase ~

pic of the day 2013-April-16

cut paper design Daisy in a Vase

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Leafy Frame ~

pic of the day 2013-April-15

cut paper design Leafy Frame

permalink: Leafy Frame   category:

Tulip Bud Vase ~

pic of the day 2013-April-14

cut paper design Tulip Bud Vase

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Heart Leaves 2 ~

pic of the day 2013-April-13

cut paper design Heart Leaves 2

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Girl with Striped Hat ~

pic of the day 2013-April-12

cut paper design Girl with Striped Hat

Black paper, about 9.5 in. tall.

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Cigar Box Guitar ~

pic of the day 2013-April-11

cut paper design Cigar Box Guitar

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Big Flower ~

pic of the day 2013-April-10

cut paper design Big Flower

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Tulip Frame ~

pic of the day 2013-April-09

cut paper design Tulip Frame

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Monogram F ~

pic of the day 2013-April-08

cut paper design Monogram F

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Two String Lute ~

pic of the day 2013-April-07

cut paper design Two String Lute

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Monogram E ~

pic of the day 2013-April-06

cut paper design Monogram E

permalink: Monogram E   category:

Leaf Flower ~

pic of the day 2013-April-05

cut paper design Leaf Flower

permalink: Leaf Flower   category:

Monogram D ~

pic of the day 2013-April-04

cut paper design Monogram D

permalink: Monogram D   category:

Lute ~

pic of the day 2013-April-03

cut paper design Lute

permalink: Lute   category:

Flower Ring ~

pic of the day 2013-April-02

cut paper design Flower Ring

permalink: Flower Ring   category:

Monogram C ~

pic of the day 2013-April-01

cut paper design Monogram C

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