Flower ~

Posted: 31-December-2012-Monday

cut paper design Flower

Paper cutting of a circle design with a flower. Red paper, about 7 in diameter.

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Leaves and Feather ~

Posted: 30-December-2012-Sunday

cut paper design Leaves and Feather

Paper cutting design in a circle with leaves and a feather. Red paper, about 7 in. diameter

permalink: Leaves and Feather   category: floral, birds

Hanging Vine ~

Posted: 29-December-2012-Saturday

cut paper design Hanging Vine

Paper cutting design of vine foliage. Black paper, about 10.75 in. tall.

permalink: Hanging Vine   category: floral

Tropical Tree ~

Posted: 28-December-2012-Friday

cut paper design Tropical Tree

Paper cutting of a tree with tropical looking leaves. Red paper, about 10.5 in. tall.

permalink: Tropical Tree   category: floral

Appaloosa Pony ~

Posted: 27-December-2012-Thursday

cut paper design Appaloosa Pony

Paper cutting of a horse with appaloosa spots. Black card stock, about 10.5 in. wide.

permalink: Appaloosa Pony   category: horses, illustration

Egg with Swan ~

Posted: 26-December-2012-Wednesday

cut paper design Egg with Swan

Paper cutting egg design with swan motif. Red paper, about 5 in. tall.

permalink: Egg with Swan   category: birds, illustration

Plant with Red Berries ~

Posted: 25-December-2012-Tuesday

cut paper design Plant with Red Berries

Paper cutting design. Black paper with red paper accents attached with small bits of glue. The berries are attached on the front and the red stripes on the pot are red paper attached at the back, showing through cut slits. About 10.25 in. tall.

permalink: Plant with Red Berries   category: floral, vase, illustration

florall Christmas Tree ~

Posted: 24-December-2012-Monday

cut paper design florall Christmas Tree

Paper cutting of a Christmas tree decorated with flowers. Red paper, about 7.75 in. tall.

permalink: florall Christmas Tree   category: floral, illustration

Day Lily ~

Posted: 23-December-2012-Sunday

cut paper design Day Lily

Paper cutting of a daylily blossom in a circle frame. Black paper, 7.875 in. diameter.

permalink: Day Lily   category: floral, illustration

Peace Plant ~

Posted: 22-December-2012-Saturday

cut paper design Peace Plant

Paper cutting design of a peace plant with three blossoms. Black paper, about 10.75 in. tall.

permalink: Peace Plant   category: floral, vase, illustration

Curly Sheep ~

Posted: 21-December-2012-Friday

cut paper design Curly Sheep

Paper cutting design of a sheep with curly fleece and two bird friends. Black paper, about 7.75 in. wide.

permalink: Curly Sheep   category: animals, illustration

Bamboo Inspiration ~

Posted: 20-December-2012-Thursday

cut paper design Bamboo Inspiration

Paper cutting of a design inspired by bamboo, with a border. Black paper, 10 in. tall

permalink: Bamboo Inspiration   category: floral, illustration

Red Clover ~

Posted: 19-December-2012-Wednesday

cut paper design Red Clover

Paper cutting design of red clover with a blossom. Red paper, about 6.25 in. tall.

permalink: Red Clover   category: floral, illustration

Forsythias ~

Posted: 18-December-2012-Tuesday

cut paper design Forsythias

Paper cut design of forsythias in a vase. Black paper, 10.125 in. tall.

permalink: Forsythias   category: floral, vase, illustration

Big Sunflower ~

Posted: 17-December-2012-Monday

cut paper design Big Sunflower

Paper cut design of a sunflower in blossom. Black cardstock, about 11 in. tall.

permalink: Big Sunflower   category: floral, illustration

Rose Circle ~

Posted: 16-December-2012-Sunday

cut paper design Rose Circle

Round paper cutting of a rose design. Red paper, about 7 in. diameter.

permalink: Rose Circle   category: floral, illustration

Duck ~

Posted: 15-December-2012-Saturday

cut paper design Duck

Paper cutting of a duck in a leafy landscape. Red paper.

permalink: Duck   category: birds, illustration

Pumpkin ~

Posted: 14-December-2012-Friday

cut paper design Pumpkin

Paper cutting design featuring a pumpkin and leafy vine. Red paper.

permalink: Pumpkin   category: floral, illustration

Wild Flower ~

Posted: 13-December-2012-Thursday

cut paper design Wild Flower

Bold classic florall paper cut design. Red paper, about 9.5 in. tall.

permalink: Wild Flower   category: floral, illustration

Cameo Design ~

Posted: 12-December-2012-Wednesday

cut paper design Cameo Design

Paper cutting of a face in profile with leafy border. Red paper, about 7.875 in. dia.

permalink: Cameo Design   category: people, illustration

Carrot Snack ~

Posted: 11-December-2012-Tuesday

cut paper design Carrot Snack

Paper cutting design of a carrot ready to be chopped. Red paper, about 10 in. tall.

permalink: Carrot Snack   category: floral, illustration

Horse and Tree ~

Posted: 10-December-2012-Monday

cut paper design Horse and Tree

Paper cutting design of a horse resting by a tree. Red paper, 5 in. tall.

permalink: Horse and Tree   category: horses, animals, illustration

Christmas Egg (Poinsettia) ~

Posted: 09-December-2012-Sunday

cut paper design Christmas Egg (Poinsettia)

Paper cutting egg design with pointsettia flower. Red paper, about 5 in. tall.

permalink: Christmas Egg (Poinsettia)   category: floral, illustration

Three Vases ~

Posted: 08-December-2012-Saturday

cut paper design Three Vases

Paper cutting of three vases with plant cuttings. Red paper, 8 in. wide.

permalink: Three Vases   category: floral, vase, illustration

Floral Egg ~

Posted: 07-December-2012-Friday

cut paper design Floral Egg

Papercutting of a fancy egg with flower design. Red paper, about 5 in. tall.

permalink: Floral Egg   category: floral, illustration

Big Blossom ~

Posted: 06-December-2012-Thursday

cut paper design Big Blossom

Paper cutting of a vase with a flower in it (chrysanthemum?). Red paper, about 1 in. tall.

permalink: Big Blossom   category: floral, vase, illustration

Pussy Willows ~

Posted: 05-December-2012-Wednesday

cut paper design Pussy Willows

Paper cutting of pussy willows in a florall vase. Black card stock, slightly under 11 in. tall.

permalink: Pussy Willows   category: floral, vase, illustration

Tulip in a Vase ~

Posted: 04-December-2012-Tuesday

cut paper design Tulip in a Vase

Paper cutting of a tulip. 10.75 in. inches tall.

permalink: Tulip in a Vase   category: floral, vase, illustration

Carnation in a Vase ~

Posted: 03-December-2012-Monday

cut paper design Carnation in a Vase

Paper cutting design. Red paper, 10.875 in. tall.

permalink: Carnation in a Vase   category: floral, vase, illustration

Potted Vine ~

Posted: 02-December-2012-Sunday

cut paper design Potted Vine

Cut paper design of a houseplant in a pot. Black card stock, 8 in. wide.

permalink: Potted Vine   category: floral, vase, illustration

Canada Goose ~

Posted: 01-December-2012-Saturday

cut paper design Canada Goose

Cut paper design of a Canada goose. Black card stock, 7.375 in. diameter.

permalink: Canada Goose   category: birds, illustration